Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen In 2021

Social media has taken over the entire world by storm and people are now turning towards their own content. The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about personal content is vlogging.

However, there are many types of content creators that are currently working in the industry and running their YouTube channels successfully. Not only YouTube but Facebook and Instagram are also attracting a lot of viewers currently. If you are looking to create a vlogging channel then you’d need quality pictures, videos, and audios in one single frame.

First of all, you are going to need a good and reliable vlogging camera that is good for taking your personal and cinematic shots when you’re traveling. Today, we’re going to shed light on some of the best vlogging cameras too with a flip screen. Flip screen is important because you can shoot at the highest quality and also you can check yourself out in the camera when recording.

You’re going to find a lot of options with flip screens on the market but narrowing down that list to the best available devices becomes a headache. However, you don’t need to worry because we have done that for you and without any further delay, let’s get into the list of top vlogging cameras with flip screens.

Weton Full HD 1080P⭐⭐⭐
Canon PowerShot S120⭐⭐⭐⭐
Canon PowerShot G9 X⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Olympus PEN E-PL9⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Samsung Multiview MV800⭐⭐⭐⭐
SONY A5100⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Top Best cameras for vlogging with flip screen

1. Weton Full HD 1080P

 Weton Full HD 1080P

The first device that comes to our mind when thinking about vlogging cameras with flip screen is this amazing 3-inch flip screen digital camera that goes by the name of Weston Full HD 1080P camera. As the name suggests, it comes with HD 1080p quality and you can also flip its screen at 180 degrees. 

This is an extremely suitable device for vlogging and simple filming because it will allow you to see what’s exactly being recorded on the screen. You can put videos shot by this camera to your YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages whereas the quality of the device is not going to be reduced at all.

This device also comes with a retractable flashlight and it is also going to be very handy when you’re shooting in dark conditions with low light. It also gives you the luxury of turning on/off the flash along with the best picture quality.

It is a digital camera camcorder that shoots at 15 fps for video resolution and gives you a Full HD 1080p result. It also gives you 24 megapixels for picture resolution in order to bring out the best results possible. This particular device stays unshakable on a simple tripod and the stability of the picture is also pretty good in this device. You can use a 32GB SD card on this device but you will have to format it first. 

There are two extremely powerful batteries in this camera and both of them are pretty easy to manage. It also comes with two extra batteries that are rechargeable so that makes you tension free of your camera running out of juice during crucial recordings. 

The camera is also pretty user-friendly and you won’t miss any valuable and memorable moment that is worth capturing. It is a great device for all beginners as well as professionals that are looking for a good flip screen camera for vlogging.

This camcorder is one of the best available choices in the market because it comes with a 52mm wide-angle lens as well as other lenses of the same nature and size. This digital camcorder also supports the Fisheye Lens and Teleconverter Lens and its possible connection with the different lenses is going to make the best out of a photographer’s skill set. 

Also, this device is one of the top-rated products on various e-commerce sites. If you’re looking for a nice robust and lightweight camera for vlogging, this device deserves you to get your attention.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • 24-megapixel result for pictures
  • Full HD 1080p resolution for video recording
  • Affordable 
  • Buttons are not very sensitive 
  • Body frame needs a lot of care

2. Canon PowerShot S120

Canon PowerShot S120

It is always important to have a small flip-screen camera because vloggers travel around the world and they are always in need of having a pocket-size camera that comes with great quality. 

However, if we are only talking about vloggers then we couldn’t resist adding the Canon PowerShot S120 to our list. It doesn’t have a flip screen like the other devices that we are going to mention but, this little camera has all the abilities that a vlogger needs and requires. So, here we are with pocket-size dynamite that has taken the world of content creators by storm. 

The Canon PowerShot S120 is a pretty capable and suitable camera for vloggers because the performance in video mode has been taken to the next level by the manufacturers. However, pocketing such a great quality camera won’t be possible without spending a few extra bucks. This comes across as one of the expensive cameras as it can be purchased for about 450 dollars.

It is one of the very few cameras that are coming with a sharp lens and a Wi-Fi enabled service as well. The huge image sensor and the overall sturdy and simple design make it one of the best available cameras for vloggers

It offers 1080p60 video resolution and the 10 fps of continuous recording. It doesn’t have a quality zoom range but that’s not what the vloggers are going to need all the time. The price is a bit over for most of the potential customers and it doesn’t have a hot shoe either.

The visual design remains unchanged, and a 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor of 1/1.7 inch is still being used. However, the ability to shoot quicker is absolutely mesmerizing. This device a pretty portable machine and it weighs around just over 7.7 ounces. Previous models of this series were available in silver but the S120 only comes in black.

As we have discussed before, the zoom range is very limited at 5x and it can potentially put off some customers. The image sensors are also not huge but they are suitable for cameras of this range and class. It gives you a wide-angle because of its 24-120mm f/1.8-5.7 lens that is also equal to 35mm.

  • Great lens
  • Image sensors are huge
  • Simple compact design
  • Wi-Fi service enabled
  • 1080p60 video
  • 10 fps video shooting continuously
  • Not affordable for everyone
  • There is no EVF option
  • Zoom quality and range are limited

3. Canon PowerShot G9 X

Canon PowerShot G9 X

The Canon PowerShot G9X is one of the best vlogging cameras when it comes to the flip screens. There are some important features that should be taken into account before choosing a vlogging camera. You must be easy to carry around it means you will have to take care of its portability. 

The design and looks should be impressive and compact. Vloggers do travel around and you must look for a camera that suits every type of traveling. If you are looking for a camera that is going to work in the long term that you must consider this amazingly brilliant performer that goes by the name of Canon PowerShot G9X.

This camera is above all other high-end and premium level cameras because the internal components of this device are second to brilliant. The internally used materials are so powerful that they take the rating of this device to the top. 

It has a huge flip screen display and you can adjust it according to your liking. To achieve effective results, it is also pretty important to take care of the camera settings and you can also adjust them manually.

This amazing device is going to give you a 20.2 MP updated CMOS sensor and they are going to be extremely helpful when it comes to better low light capturing of photos. This device also allows you to shoot videos and take pictures when the conditions are not helpful for a photographer. 

It is not high in price either because most of the customers would be able to afford this price range. This extremely recommended and cheap vlogging camera comes with a Full HD video mode along with a flip screen as discussed. 

It will also give you 60 fps when recording at 1080p and that is going to take your video quality to another level. If you like, you can customize the resolution settings as well. There are solutions for wireless networking. The camera already contains NFC and Wi-Fi to maintain proper efficiency. This helps you to easily move your snaps and other important over Wi-Fi and NFC.

You are going to enjoy continuous shooting or video recording at 6 fps and don’t be surprised to see these features in this price range. The shutter speed of the device is also pretty good and you won’t miss any important memories or clicks when you are using this beautiful camera. For vloggers, it is an extremely dedicated and recommended choice.

  • High sensitivity CMOS 20.2 MegaPixel
  • Canon HS System
  • Lightweight and Slim
  • 1080p Full HD video
  • No USB cable for the camera to connect to a computer
  • Touchscreen can stop working after some months 
  • ‘Off’ button doesn’t work sometimes

4. Olympus PEN E-PL9

Olympus PEN E-PL9

Olympus has been making a lot of devices and they have been building a reputation for themselves when it comes to flip screen cameras for vloggers. As we all know, vlogging around the world has taken off lately and companies have been making devices after devices that can be associated with vloggers.

There are many features in this device that are worth mentioning. The Olympus E-PL9 is a very strong camera that mainly focuses on its tilt touchscreen display and the graphical representation. You won’t get the luxuries of a viewfinder but the flip screen that has the ability to rotate at a 180-degree angle will attract a lot of customers.

The E-PL9 should be on your list if you are looking for a perfect vlogging camera. It is pretty portable and the company has been trying its best to provide vloggers with a lot of easiness when traveling and shooting together. It is available in a variety of colors and it also comes with a Pancake lens that does a pretty great job.

Such optics are perfect for this camera, but the collection now includes over 20 M. Zuiko lenses and many others from Panasonic and trading partners, so photographers willing to venture beyond their basics have enough choice.

This brilliant model also has the PASM exposure modes that are extremely valuable when it comes to semi-automatic and manual control systems. You’d also find the advance photo mode and you are going to witness other important features of this device on exploring that mode. It also has HDR and sweep panorama available.

The overall kit of the Olympus E-PL9 comes with a 14-42mm EZ lens along with a pen camera case and a dedicated camera strap as well. The 16GB SD Card along with the TruePic image processor is going to make things easy for you. 

This amazing device also packs an incredible 180-degree rotation when it comes to flipping the screen. The 3 axis image stabilization of the device is another additional luxury and not to forget, it also gives you 4k video and you can also enjoy still images that are taken at the same resolution.

  • 4K video
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Trustable manufacturer
  • A lot of internally powerful features 
  • The price is pretty high at 500 dollars currently

5. Samsung Multiview MV800

Samsung Multiview MV800

Samsung has always been delivering great products and all the customers around the globe look at this company with utmost dignity and respect. They have made devices for almost all kinds of users and they couldn’t resist introducing their best vlogging camera that goes by the name of Multi-view MV800. 

It is a good camera for all the young and aspiring vloggers and content creators that are looking to kick off their channel. It comes at a very reasonable price and you won’t find a better camera in this price range for vloggers. 

Things are always pretty simple with Samsung and it is the case here as well. When it comes to flip screen cameras, Samsung has made it quite easy by allowing the large screen to tilt upwards and downwards without any hustle and bustle. The adjustment becomes easy when it comes to manually set your frame. If you are a young vlogger with a desire to upgrade his/her camera then make sure that you must check the MV800. The new and latest 16.1 MP image sensor is going to put four stars to this device and it will also allow you to take some extra perfect shots and pictures with great picture quality. The results are going to be bright and full of minute details and you can see them yourself if you buy it.

Video making is not an easy art and there are some extra notable features that help in making catchy videos. This Samsung MV800 comes with a panorama mode that gives you access to cover the wide-angle pictures as well. It is a brilliant and user-friendly device because it comes with 3D images and a zoom noise reduction function as well.

As we have discussed at the start, the video quality of this device is suitable for beginners and it is a perfect device for all the newcomers that are looking to succeed as a content creator. The resolution of 720p is going to allow the camera to capture images and videos to the best of its potential. You’d also get a decent 60 fps rate in this brilliant vlogging camera.

  • Suitable for beginners and aspiring vloggers
  • 16.1 MP image sensor 
  • HD 720p videos at 60 fps
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The flip screen is easily adjustable 
  • Very much reasonable price range
  • Heating problem is there
  • Lacks 4K and 1080p video mode

6. SONY A5100

SONY A5100

If we are talking about a particular product that was released in 2014 and here we are sitting in 2020 then you should understand that there is something special about that machine. The next super performer on our list is this Sony A5100 mirrorless camera that is considered a magnificent choice for vloggers. 

It has an LCD screen that can be faced forward and therefore ticks the most important requirement of the flip screen. As we have discussed before, this device was released some six years ago so you can expect some flexibility in its price when bargaining. Its already chosen price is not heavy at all and the specifications are pretty powerful. 

This is an extremely good choice for all the content creators and vloggers that are starting their respective platforms and are looking to shoot some important video content. This is also pretty suitable for photographers because of its still image quality.

You can use as many as three lenses with this model such as the E PZ 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens that is built-in within the camera and other usable lenses with this camera are the FE 85mm f/1.8 and Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS lens.

This is a pretty lightweight machine along with the E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS zoom lens and the overall mass of the device is around 400 grams. The small size makes it a wonderful choice for all the vloggers that are traveling around more often.

If we talk about body construction and build then it doesn’t disappoint its users at all. The a5100 is as strong as any other device on this list. The robust feeling of the device makes you realize that this is not a common camera. 

It is not well protected against all kinds of weather so you will have to be very careful when it comes to outdoor shootings. Vloggers normally look for durability and the reviews of some of the users of Sony a5100 that have been using this device for several years are not bad at all.

This device doesn’t have a viewfinder and comes with a 3-inch LCD screen. You are going to get very good results at high ISO levels because that is where this device performs to the best of its potential. 

It comes with an APS-C sized 24MP sensor and the overall size of the machine is not huge at all. The 24-mega pixel camera is good enough to capture minute details and it offers a maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000. It also uses the CMOS image sensor.

  • Great for beginners and young vloggers
  • Produces great detailed image quality
  • Performs really well at high ISO levels 
  • Struggles when shooting time crosses 30 mints according to some customers 
  • Autofocus is poor 

Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen Buyer Guide:

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before buying a vlogging camera. If you are a young and aspiring vlogger then scroll down for these amazing tips when buying the best vlogging camera with a flip screen.

Build Quality: 

Flip screen cameras are mostly delicate and you must choose one with a strong build quality. Vloggers travel around consistently and you need a strong body to be able to catch up with the traveling adventures. Strong build quality and construction is really important. 

Durability or Ease of carrying: 

Your vlogging camera should always be with you because an adventure trip can be made in a matter of moments and therefore, you are going to need a camera that is durable and easy to carry around. If this quality is there in a certain camera, you can easily use it for shootings or vlogging in general. 


What is the best cheap camera for vlogging?

Canon EOS Rebel T6 is the most popular in the DSLR category whereas Nikon Coolpix B500 in the SuperZoom category.

What cameras have a flip-out screen?

Nikon D3300 and Nikon D340 are considered the best in this category.

Do you need a flip screen for vlogging?

A flip screen has many profits and benefits but it is not mandatory for vlogging. You will have to work hard without it.