10 Best Vlogging Camera Under $200 Reviews Buyer’s Guide In 2021

Thanks to the internet today, connectivity around the world has improved thoroughly. The addition of social media platforms to the internet has allowed people to get connected with their loved ones much easier, sharing good moments and crying on their shoulders over the screen.

Even though the internet is more of a blessing, platforms like YouTube have also compromised on individual privacy. People now take pride in showcasing their lives through channels and earn money. But of course, not everyone sues their personal life to earn a few bucks!

Most YouTubers are avid vloggers, traveling from one corner of the world to another, bringing people the newest information at their screens only. For those who are looking for a fine camera for their vlogging career, here are the best YouTube cameras under 200 to begin with!

Canon PowerShot SX420⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fujifilm FinePix S8600⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nikon CoolPix W100⭐⭐⭐⭐
CEDITA Digital Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐
SOSUN Digital Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐
SEREE 2.7K Vlog Digital Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nikon Coolpix S6900⭐⭐⭐⭐
Weton Digital camera⭐⭐⭐

Best Vlogging Camera Under $200

1. Canon PowerShot SX420 – Best YouTube camera under $200

Canon PowerShot SX420 - Best YouTube camera under 200

If it’s high quality, social media-worthy videos you’re talking about, buy the Canon PowerShot SX420 to get the work done!

It proudly showcases its powerful 42X optical zoom with an image stabilizer that gives you nothing short of the best stills and videos.

Furthermore, for professional vloggers, this camera offers built-in wifi and NFC, thus, making connectivity and sharing your work with the world super easy and quick!

Talk about clean videos and the Canon SX420 uses a 20.0 megapixels power sensor paired with the DIGIC 4+ image processor for high-resolution recording.

And the addition of a 16 GB memory card gives you access to unlimited data storage so you get to shoot longer videos without having to worry about memory or space.

Moreover, the camera consists of 3.0 inches LCD and “Smart Auto”, a system that automatically adjusts the camera’s settings according to the surrounding. 

The Canon SX420 is smart and clever, making it an ideal gadget for professional vloggers today!

  • Built-in wifi and NFC
  • Powerful 42X optical zoom and image stabilizer
  • 20.0 megapixels sensor with DIGIC 4+ image processor for high-quality videos
  • 16 GB memory card for hassle-free storage
  • Smart Auto system that adjusts the camera’s setting according to the environment
  • Affordable 
  • Canon’s lifetime warranty
  • Poor after-sales service by Canon

2. Fujifilm FinePix S8600 – Best vlogging camera under $200

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 - Best vlogging camera under 200

Fujifilm has been operating for years, pleasantly surprising the users with cameras that are simply spectacular!

Here is yet another one of Fujifilm’s amazing inventions, the FinePix S8600, a digital camera best for vlogging!

This point and shoot camera has a 16 megapixels CCD sensor for crisp, clear, and clean shooting.

To ensure whatever you record is to the point and clean, the camera uses its powerful 36x optical zoom lens to capture moments. So no matter how far your target is, zoom in to enjoy a fine piece of recording.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy shooting at a range up to 720 FPS and that too in full HD.

The video quality presented by Fujifilm’s S8600 is truly amazing, and when backed up with a powerful, long-life battery, you get to shoot for long hours with a problem!

Moreover, the camera allows you to shoot in multiple modes, detects the face and eye for quick capture, and stamps the videos with a date that helps you form a complete series without losing track of time.

The S8600 is a compact and lightweight camera, making it great for a traveler who loves shooting out in the open!

  • Long battery life
  • 16 megapixels CCD sensor for high-resolution videos
  • Powerful 36x optical zoom
  • Face and eye detect
  • Multiple shooting modes and filters
  • Affordably priced
  • Video can be shot in full HD
  • No front mic
  • No external microphone

3. Nikon CoolPix W100 – Good vlogging camera under $200

Nikon CoolPix W100 - Good vlogging camera under 200

This blue beauty by Nikon is here to capture your attention with its shiny armor and fabulous features!

The CoolPix W100 is a water-proof camera that allows you to shoot with uncompromised quality on both land and underwater.

Besides being a pro at shooting underwater, this camera is shock-proof and freeze-proof through, allowing you to create videos irrespective of the season and surroundings.

And if this wasn’t enough to impress you, the camera comes embedded with wifi0 NFC and Bluetooth and uses SnapBridge technology for making sharing your creativity with friends and family super quick and easy.

Furthermore, the 13.2 megapixels CMOS image sensor helps you shoot at high resolution.

The 3x optical zoom ensures your target, no matter how far is captured with great precision and quality.

Moreover, the Nikon CoolPix W100 is enriched with a face detection feature along with multiple shooting modes, which makes your vlogging journey smooth and full of fun!

  • 13.2 megapixels CMOS image sensor for high-quality videos
  • Face detection feature with multiple shooting modes
  • Water-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof
  • In-built wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth
  • Uses Snap bridge technology for easy connectivity with most laptops and computers, making sharing data easy and convenient
  • Sleek design, compact and lightweight
  • Not durable

4. CEDITA Digital Camera – best flip screen camera under $200

CEDITA Digital Camera - best flip screen camera under 200

If you’re a YouTuber who loves shooting and sharing top-notch quality videos with the world, try out CEDITA’s digital camera to make a difference!

This is the perfect camera for vlogging! It comes with a flip screen that allows you to shoot at different angles and explore the newest dimensions without a problem.

The 2.7K full HD shooting mode gives you high-quality results every time which can proudly be shared with the world.

The large lens with pop-up flash gives you the best videos even in low light!

Furthermore, the rotatable screen can be twisted to detect your face and capture amazing selfies that are worthy of sharing with friends!

And if the shutter sound distracts you while shooting for your favorite moment, the on-key mute function will turn off the sounds with just one “click”.

CEDITA’s digital camera is lightweight and compact yet packed with some amazing features which are why most vloggers today find it one of the best cameras for vlogging!

  • Flip screen to shoot at different angles
  • Face detect
  • 2.7K full HD video shooting mode
  • Pop-up flash and a large lens for shooting high-quality videos in low light
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One-key mute function for turning off all the sounds including shutter sound, on/off the sound, etc
  • Super affordable
  • SD card included in the package
  • Awful audio
  • Low-quality material used in manufacturing the body of the camera

5. SOSUN Digital Camera – best vlogging camera under $200 with flip screen

SOSUN Digital Camera - best vlogging camera under 200 with flip screen

Do you want to gain more audience with videos that are inspiring? Let the magic entice people with the new SOSUN flip screen digital camera!

This flip screen camera comes with a huge external microphone that ensures every sound in your video is clean and crisp. Also, the addition of a low cut filter reduces any background noise that can be unpleasant for the audience.

The removable macro lens gives you a wider area to cover in your videos and with 24 megapixels resolution, you can be sure of uncompromised quality every time.

Furthermore, the SOSUN digital camera comes with built-in wifi for quick sharing of your work on YouTube, no matter where you are!

Want to know more about this fabulous gadget? The camera comes with in-built image stabilization for blur-free stills and videos, plus can detect faces for quick capturing of stills that can be enjoyed in various modes of shooting for entertainment purposes.

And yes, the SOSUN digital camera comes with a front webcam. Hence, whenever you wish to make a quick call with family, connect with them, and talk away!

  • Image stabilization for blur-free stills and videos
  • Face detection
  • A removable macro lens that gives coverage over a wider area
  • External microphone with low filter cut for clean voice recording
  • 24 megapixels resolution for high-quality creativity
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts long
  • Front webcam
  • In-built wifi
  • No SD card included in the package

6. SEREE 2.7K Vlog Digital Camera 

SEREE 2.7K Vlog Digital Camera 

This black beast by SEREE is a must-have for every YouTuber!


This is because the camera supports video shooting up to 2.7K and comes instilled with a 30-megapixel lens that clicks high-resolution stills of great quality.

Moreover, the flip screen gives you a better angle to enjoy the video. You can also turn it around to click some great selfies that you’ll happily boast about!

And yes, it is compatible with most computers and laptops, can be connected with a USB, and supports webcam function, hence, with this camera, sharing has been made easy!

Also, the addition of a retractable flashlight adds to its charm. If you wish to shoot in low light, just pop out the flash and you’re good to go.

Although the camera’s autofocus works just fine, with the addition of face detect and smile detect feature, you won’t have to waste energy on improving focus and go on shooting effortlessly.

Remember, the SEREE 2.7K digital camera comes with a rechargeable battery, which means, you’ll get tired of shooting but the battery won’t die out!

  • Rechargeable battery with long life
  • Flip screen for selfies 
  • Supports webcam and USB
  • The camera is compatible with most computers and laptops
  • Retractable flashlight for low light shooting
  • Face and smile detect feature
  • Also supports micro SD card
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The picture quality may not be as good as the other cameras on the list
  • Poor audio quality
  • Made out of low-quality material

7. Nikon Coolpix S6900 – cheap vlogging camera under $200

Nikon Coolpix S6900 - cheap vlogging camera under 200

Here is another one of Nikon vlogging cameras to set the records straight for YouTubers!

The CoolPix S6900 consists of 12X optical zoom and 24X dynamic fine zoom, giving your crisper and clearer pictures even from afar. The quality is better than what you might have anticipated!

Furthermore, the vari-angle display and built-in kickstand keep it steady while you enjoy clicking selfies with your best mate.

Also, the Nikon CoolPix S6900 comes with super-accurate target finding AF, saving you from the pain of adjusting focus every time to click a decent image. 

And with great quality videos and stills, you get to enjoy experimenting with 19 scene modes in full HD and stereo sound. Hence, with this camera, you’ll be creating amazing videos that will inspire the world with your ideas!

Moreover, the built-in wifi and NFC allows you to share your work over social media in a matter of just minutes. And if you wish to save the date in your laptop to keep it safe, the Smart Bridge technology instilled in the camera makes connectivity with other gadgets smooth, effortless, and convenient.

  • 12x optical zoom and 24x dynamic zoom for wider area coverage
  • Vari-angles and a built-in kickstand for steady selfies
  • Intelligent and accurate autofocus
  • Shooting in full HD mode using 19 scene modes for fun
  • Stereo sound
  • Built-in wifi and NFC
  • Smart Bridge technology for ease of connectivity
  • Average battery
  • Some might find the menu difficult to operate

8. GordVE – Best camera under $100

GordVE - Best camera under 100

The GorVE is a beautiful camera packed with amazing features!

This handsome model with 4.0 inches touch monitor and sits comfortably on a tripod thus giving you the ease of control and functionality.

Also, the bigger lens at the front gives you a chance to shoot at a wider angle, covering more area within reach without compromising on quality.

The 24 megapixels CMOS sensor helps shooting in high resolution with results that are BANG ON!

Furthermore, the GordVE lens camera is easy to operate, compact, and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for outdoor shooting.

And yes, the addition of LED flashlight helps you capture stills even in low light with clean audio recorded through the internal microphone.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extremely affordable
  • 4.0 inches touch screen
  • Compatibility with tripod
  • LED flashlight
  • 24 megapixels CMOS sensor for high-resolution shooting
  • Easy to use
  • Bigger lens for wider area coverage
  • Not compatible with most laptops and windows
  • The picture quality may not be as good as other cameras on the list

9. Weton Digital camera – Budget-friendly vlogging camera

Weton Digital camera - Budget-friendly vlogging camera

This flip screen camera can effortlessly tilt at 180 degrees for keeping a close eye on your target or taking a quick selfie with your favorite person or thing in the background.

Furthermore, the camera records in full HD at 1080p using a 24.0 megapixels image sensor. With this camera, quality is what is promised every time!

Also, the Weton digital camera encases two powerful batteries that allow you to shoot videos as long as you want without any hindrance.

And not to forget, the retractable flashlight is easy to pop out in times when you need bright light to capture the picture-perfect stills.

A camera that is compact, lightweight, and packed with excellent features, this gadget is absolute value for money.

  • Retractable flashlight
  • Powerful dual batteries for long hours of vlogging
  • 180 degrees tilting screen
  • Shooting in full HD
  • Affordably priced
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Poor picture quality
  • No slot for SD card

10. CEDITA  – Good camera under $100

CEDITA  - Good camera under 100

A mini camera that can easily fit in your pocket, the compact size paired with great features is what makes the CEDITA camera fit for vlogging!

This mini camera is known to produce high-quality videos and stills using 30 megapixels images sensor.

It comes along with a rechargeable lithium battery so you don’t have to worry about spending money on changing batteries every time the present ones die out. And yes, the rechargeable battery ensures you enjoy making videos for your YouTube channel as long as you want!

Besides, the CEDITA mini camera is ideal for beginners. It comes with 3 continuous shooting and anti-shaking features that allow you to click multiple blur-free clicks within seconds. Hence, you easily get to keep the best one amongst the slot and keep on learning to master videography without having to spend much on the gadget!

It is lightweight, compact, and can very easily fit in your pocket. Thus, carrying it outdoors is surely not a problem.

  • Timer for group photos
  • Long battery life
  • 3 continuous shooting and anti-shaking features
  • Can fit in the pocket and carried outdoor without a problem
  • 30 megapixels image sensor supports shooting at high resolution
  • Affordable 
  • The zoom of the camera is not satisfactory

What to Look for in a Vlogging Camera under $200?

To find something powerful and bombastic, $200 may not seem a lot! But if you know where and what to look for, you end up with the right product. Here are a few things to remember when heading out to buy a budget-friendly camera for vlogging on YouTube:

Optical zoom

Sometimes when you’re unable to reach out to your target, getting a great shot becomes impossible with an average camera. This is why, for a vlogger who wanders in the wild to explore the beauty of nature, having a digital camera with a powerful lens supporting higher optical zoom is crucial! The higher the number of optical zoom is, the wider area you’ll be able to cover!

Image Quality

If you wish to inspire people with your work, you need to ensure you create quality videos. And hence, it is made possible only if you have a camera that supports shooting in full HD. Opt for a camera that mentions 4K HD shooting so you’ll know you are recording videos that are top-notch quality.

Clear Audio

Vlogging over YouTube connects you one to one with the audience. Thus, you need to make sure every word that you deliver is clean and loud, which can only be made possible with a camera that uses an external and front mic for recording high-quality sound.

Low light sensitivity

You might not always be lucky of having access to places with bright light. And hence, if you’re planning to explore the darkest corners of the earth, be sure of having a camera that supports recording in low light using a pop-out or simple flashlight.


Vlogging for a YouTube channel requires you to shoot for longer hours; hence, you need a camera with long battery life and most importantly, is rechargeable.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What cameras do YouTubers mostly use for shooting videos?

Every vlogger uses a different camera for shooting, depending on the type of channel that they run. Those who are more adventurous use cameras that work great under low light, while others focus more on audio quality and zoom. Remember, no matter which camera the vloggers use, quality video is what matters.

Which vlogging camera is good for beginners?

As a beginner, you should look for a camera that shoots in HD, has a decent optical zoom and audio, does not come with complex menu settings and functionality, and most importantly, is priced cheaply.


Although you can very well use a DSLR to shoot videos for your channel, a camera made especially for vlogging makes things easier for you. These are compact and lightweight which makes them easy to carry around, have longer battery life, and do not compromise on quality while taking care of audio too. Just make sure you know what you are looking for and spend on the right gadget!