Best Monopod Review and Guide In 2021

In any sort of cinematography, picture worth and filming experience do not hinge exclusively on the camera and the lens. Now and then, hand-held filming outcomes in hazy reflections and fatigued limbs and back. You will surely crave a gear that will assist you to get sharp photographs and films, support your camera, and make yourself relaxed and protected whilst filming. 

When it falls to that, a monopod simply derives to mind. But subsequently, an additional camera backing system is also worth financing in. Don’t know what a monopod is? And why is it a necessity for every photographer? Also known as a unipod, a monopod is a one-legged camera support kit for exact and balanced photographs and videos. Not to be befuddled with a selfie stick (which is a type of monopod for carrying smartphones when doing selfies), the monopod can do farther than that; it maintains any modern camera, be it a DSLR or a combat camera.

Manfrotto Xpro⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DIGIANT MP-3606⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sirui P-204SR P⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Benro Aluminum⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SIRUI P-326 6⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Polaroid 72⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Manfrotto Element ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
K&F Concept 4-Section 67⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AmazonBasics - Monopod ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Top Best Monopod Review and Guide

1. Manfrotto Xpro (MVMXPRO500US) – Best Monopod for Heavy Lenses 


The Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod is till date the most excellent monopod under $500 on this listing. This product is such a top-notch class because it is built keeping experts of photography in mind. It is extendable to 79.9 inches; it’s also the tallest and the most excellent monopod with a supporting base.

It delivers flawlessly efficient movement in all orders because of its improved Fluidtech support, which becomes just as decent as a tripod for getting long bad quality snapshots. Also, this monopod is equipped with a base system with 3-feet, that enables the monopod to stand without any additional support.

If your camera is mounted on a monopod and you wish to connect a screen with your camera then this monopod will surely do the job. It comes with a 3/8-inch connector to let you connect a screen. This gives major videographers a clearer view of the shot they’re gaining. This monopod is for sure the best product in the market.


  • Easy to move. FLUIDTECH Base. Adaptable
  • Does not support rotation 

2. DIGIANT MP-3606 – Best Monopod with Legs


The DIGIANT MP-3606 is a monopod for heavy cameras up to 11lbs. It deserves a spot on this catalog since it has a lot of features and costs just under $300. It has an operational peak of up to 70-inches, and it has all the typical elements like a foam grip and a wrist strap. 

DIGIANT MP-3606 launched a great product with an amazing 3-way pan head that provides you heaps of movement angles to bring your films to life. This amazing monopod helps you to pan 360º. In simple, words you can rotate your camera 360 degrees around a fixed axis in order to capture that perfect panorama shot you are looking for

Another amazing feature in the product is that it comes with a quick-twist padlock structure, so it’s effortless to set up in a rush. And it is also provided with a well-made traveling bag making It easy for you to travel with.


Helps 360-degree film with least energy

  • Offers you the perspective you need
  • Can´t use this Camera Monopod with a Smartphone except you buy an adaptor

3. Sirui P-204SR P – Compact Monopods


P-204SR P Series Monopod from Sirui is a great example of excellence and performance. It is delivered with a tripod base to create a flexible support system while recording so that you can have the more stable shot you are aiming for. It also comes with a foam cover which provides a secure and comfortable grip while moving the monopod, and rubber feet on the base’s legs help to improve steadiness and help you to take better shots while filming.

This monopod can hold up to 18 pounds which is quite impressive given the size of the product. With this feature, you are open to a lot of options to choose from the cameras since most of the cameras weigh less than 18 pounds. The most preferred part of this monopod is the fact that you can rotate your camera 360º with an axle that comes with the monopod

We’ll say this right off the bat, the Sirui P-204S is a well-produced and hard-wearing bit of kit. It packages in a great collection of characteristics that improves the handling allowing you to capture amazing and smooth videos.

  •  Comfortable Wrist Strap
  • Removable Rubber Foot 
  • Very heavy to carry

4. Benro Aluminum – Best Monopod for Video



The Benro Aluminum 4-Series Monopod is one of the most preferred monopods for the people who love to travel and capture each and every moment on their journey since it is pretty lightweight weighing just 3 pounds. If you are a YouTuber, skilled videographer, and anyone else who creates their own videos and loves to travel, then this is a perfect monopod for you due to the fact that it is lightweight and easy to travel.

This monopod is produced with an aluminum structure which allows it to hold up to 44.1lbs. This may possibly be the one for you since you can easily connect heavy cameras with bigger lenses for crisp and high-quality videos.

The feet in question are in reality mounted on a 3-leg locking base. This is a terrific system that provides it practically as much constancy as a tripod. So, you can get all of the firmness for shooting video, deprived of needing to carry around a gigantic piece of kit. Apart from that, it expands to 64.6 inches, has a reversible thread mount and a comfy foam grasp, and it even arrives with a limited 3-year warranty that you can expand to 5-years. It becomes a perfect gift for photography enthusiasts.

  • Features flexibility
  • Effortless connection
  •  None

5. AmazonBasics – Carbon Fiber Monopod


Still in search for the finest monopod for your camera? The Carbon Fiber Monopod from AmazonBasics can be bought for just under $150. This monopod can hold 22 pounds while weighing only 0.95 lbs. because of its carbon fiber body. Plus, it measures from 17.5-61 inches in length and has 5 distinct extendible sections that come with twist locks made from rubber. And because the Carbon Fiber monopod is sold under the tag anime of AmazonBasics, there is no doubt about its quality, durability and performance!

The monopod along with its accessories comes in top-notch quality transporting bag with a strap that wraps around your wrist for security. Also, the Carbon Fiber monopod’s handgrip comes fully covered with foam and a stainless-steel can now add at the bottom of the monopod to ensure absolute steadiness.

In short, this monopod is made up of carbon fiber and is almost equal to the much expensive monopod. It certainly offers decent quality for the price and comes with AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty for hassle-free usage.

  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward carrying
  • None

6. SIRUI P-326 6 – Lightweight Monopod


The Sirui P-326 essentially does all of the same phenomena as the Amazon Basics monopod; it only does them better. The main selling point of this camera monopod is that it is produced out of carbon fiber, which implies it is ultra-lightweight. It weighs just 0.9 pounds but is one of the strongest monopods in this catalog.

It is encompassed of six segments, which expands to an extraordinary running peak of 62.4 inches. You can loosen the locks made up of silicone and adjust its height as desired and then lock them in its position.

It also comes with a branded grip made of foam to ensure a stronger grip. Other than that, it has a high-quality stainless-steel spike to help you lock it into the ground and it comes with a compass snap ring so that you can attach it to your belt.

  • Durable
  • Handy
  • Version is old

7. Polaroid 72″ – Best Camera Monopod 


Polaroid is one of the highly renowned and very reliable names in photography. They do not just make instantaneous cameras either, the Polaroid 72-inch monopod is one of the best monopods as compared to the list of other monopods of the same specifications. The first thing you might observe about it is that it’s a lot simpler than some of the monopods showcased.

The company has concentrated on designing the best monopod for your camera. The second thing you will observe is its 72 inches height which is an ideal choice for the tall photographers out there. This helps the user to keep their back in good health since it does not let you bow down.

Also, it has a cord that can mount any camera, a sweat-proof foam stick, and a spike which can fold making your traveling easier. They have still ticked all the boxes as far as we are anxious.

  • Can handle any camera
  • Good build quality
  •  Locks are not strong enough

8. Manfrotto Element  (MMELEA5RD) – Monopods for Camera

Manfrotto-Element -(MMELEA5RD)---Monopods-for-Camera

Here is Manfrotto Element Aluminum, a 5-section monopod which is one of the sturdiest and portable monopods amongst its competitors. In fact, it would make the most excellent and convenient travel monopod for the reason that it is a mixture of simplicity and excellence. It roughly weighs up to 1lb, thus making it easy to carry around and perfect for travelers. Also, the user can hold it while wandering around on a tour.

So, it is fairly obvious that it might not be the biggest in size with utmost flexibility, but it will certainly fit into your travel bag right!

Although it is not bendable, still you can easily use it while traveling. Plus, it has all the characteristics you wish to find in a monopod, making it a superb choice for every camera owner. For instance, it comes with a hand covered with ergonomic foam and a wrist strap yet it does not have a complex base. Instead, it has an exchangeable foot that is either made from rubber or spike depending on the type of ground you wish to place it on.

What lacks in features, it makes up for in price. Its built quality is very sturdy and will actually work for a long time.

  • Cheap


  •  Limited Compatibility

9. K&F Concept 4-Section 67″/171CM – Best Budget Monopod 

K&F Concept 4-Section 67"/171CM - Best Budget Monopod

The K&F Concept Lightweight Monopod is the second commonest monopod in this catalog, and we have chosen it as our Best Value product. It is also the lightest monopod on this list. It is a fantastic alternative for journeying and if you are a YouTuber that produces travel videos, this could be a wonderful addition to your tool stuff.

The weight is undeniably one of the most important benefits of this monopod. It is just 0.77 pounds and creases down to 21.26-inches. Plus, it can carry cameras up to 6.6 pounds. It has also got a lot of the characteristics that the more costly products have.

For instance, it is constructed involving a rubber foot and a metal spike, the handlebar is made from non-slip foam, and the mounting thread is universal. This monopod is definitely worth a try since it is lightweight, sturdy, easy to use and packs easily onto the side of a photography backpack.

  • Good build quality
  •  Not advisable for heavier lens

10. AmazonBasics – Monopod Review


Amazon Basics 67-Inch Monopod is truly the stingiest monopod and we couldn’t determine whether to have it as our Best Value or Best Choice monopod. It is mind-blowing how great this monopod is for the value, so we ended up picking it as our Best Choice gadget.

 It is 67-inches tall, which is about 5.6 feet, so it must be pretty tall for most photographers. And it reinforces video cameras, still/ mirrorless cameras, and scopes that weigh up to 6.6 pounds. This high quality and lightweight monopod pose backing and balance when handling your camera for sports or other activities.

In order for your camera to be stable and secure, the foam handlebar takes care of that. It has also got 4 quick and simply extendable legs that lock in position.

And it is also delivered with a transporting bag making it a travel monopod. This monopod is totally perfect if you are just starting out in photography, or if you intend to try it out. But if you are a professional, you will need to spend some more money and get a rather improved quality.

  •  A little challenging to mount the camera


  •  Rubber portable tip does not come off

Things To Choose When Buying Best Monopod

Weight capacity 

Before buying, always check for the weight your monopod can handle. Remember to buy one that weighs equal to the weight of your camera and lens combined. Or else, it might break under the weight of the camera.

Maximum height 

For people who are tall, this feature surely plays an important role. You would want to buy a monopod that can be extended to a height where you’ll be comfortable in clicking great images. Just put down the monopod on the ground and stretch it to your eye level to measure the height of it.


Well-built monopods are much thicker and heavier than other monopods that are lightweight. Hence, if you plan for trips like hiking and cycling where you cannot carry much load along, lightweight monopods will work best for you!


What makes a monopod the best amongst the rest? It is a heavy-duty frame. A good monopod will surely be made of either aluminum or carbon fiber. Where aluminum is strong, lightweight, and rust resilient, carbon fiber is soft yet powerful.

Leg segments

If your goal is the ease of setting up the equipment, opt for a monopod with minimum leg segments. But if you’re looking for something portable and easy to set up, choose a monopod with more leg segments. Although, carrying one with lesser legs is easier but a monopod with more segments will always promise more sturdiness.


For a photographer always on the go, carrying heavier equipment is a big NO! Thus, if you cannot afford to buy monopods with bigger legs which of course are more steady, then you can always go for a tinier version of tripod, a monopod with small feet.

These are easy to carry and take less space in your luggage, but as compared to the bigger version, these monopods are less stable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which monopod to consider?

Like tripods, monopods come in numerous flavors. In common, you would like the strongest possible monopod with the smallest number of sections and the shortest length when disintegrated.

2. Which monopod to be deemed when on a budget?

If you do not use a monopod very often and do not want to spend a huge amount of money on a monopod, then get a Manfrotto aluminum one. They are one of the favored options of working sports photographers.

3. Is there a prestige reason for following such purchases?

Yes and no. Yes, in the view that owners take pride in owning one, but when asked about the main reason, they talk about the quality.

Is a monopod worth it?

As soon as the distance opens a monopod begins to show what it’s capable of. Monopods are fantastic for travelers. They can be used nearly anywhere, involving places for example museums that usually forbid tripod photography.


The Final Verdict

A tripod is the best product to consider for any professional photographer. A monopod stand ensures the photographer does not worry about the blurred images, and devoid of any anxiety about the time of the day when the image is to be taken. In essence, photography is rendered more approachable by a clearer interpretation of the trustworthy monopod.